Friday, July 5, 2013

Adventure's Fitness Journey 7/5/13

Some changes are happening with my fitness journey and some small achievements have been made.  


On July 4th I jogged/walked a 5k.  My time was 40 minutes and 11 seconds, while not great it is a big improvement over my last race pace.  In the first race I did this year I ran a 14 minute 25 second mile pace, and this race I did a 12 minute 54 second pace for an improvement of 1 minute 31 seconds per mile.  I could have finished the July 4th 5k in the high 38/low 39 minute range but I choose to walk near the end of race with my future cousin-in-law who was having some leg pains.  I walked with her instead of my alternating run/walk pacing at that late stage of the race.  We did finish strong and ran the last 1/3rd of a mile. My legs are not sore today unlike after my first race.  I have decided other than the Warrior Dash on August 3rd, I am done with racing till I loss more wight.  I feel like my cardio is in a good place and getting better but my body wasn't built to carry this weight and do this type of activity.

I have been lifting regularly and doing cardio training at the gym on average of 4 times a week.  I have seen improvements in strength and endurance but not enough to warrant an ability score increase.


I am now using Myfitnesspal to track my calories.  I am still trying to eat using the Paleo diet but I am tracking my intake now.  I have to say that I am enjoying Myfitnesspal so far, it is similar to Weight Watchers but tracks calories instead of points.  I had success on Weight Watchers Online in the past, but Myfitnesspal, is free and I have the app on my iPhone and iPad.  I am starting to see results and some of my friends and I are linked together so we can see each others progress.  It makes it a little competition for us all.

I am also purchasing a Sosche Rhythm heart rate monitor to more accurately track my fitness progress and calories burned during exercise.  A friend and one of my players has turned me onto the Rhythm and Myfitnesspal.  I look forward to seeing how it helps with my fitness goals.