Kickstarter Statuses

Here is the list of my current Kickstarters, and their statuses.

Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures
          Backer Level: Vampire level with extras
          Ship date: March 2013.
          Status: Overdue, but they are an established company that have keep backers up to speed so far.      
          Much of the rewards have begun shipping so I am not worried, it is really just a matter waiting as the
          process 17,773 other orders.

The Reliquary
          Backer Level:  Druid level with a extra for a PDF of their other KS a Bestiary
          Ship date:  June 2013
          Status: Overdue, still in development, and to be honest this one does worry me a bit.  The forum for
          submission has changed once, their social media use surges and then dies off.  I am pulling for this one
          to come to production but for some reason I am just worried.

Legendary Realms Terrain – Themed Dungeon Rooms!
          Backer Level: Ultimate Accessory Pack plus two add-ons.
          Ship Date: March 2013
          Status:  Overdue, by update this project is close to being finished.  They had a set back of a break
          in that forced them to start over for the final group for fulfillment.  This project is is very overdue for  
          my level of backing.  I also made a none Kickstarter order with this company March 1st, this order as
          well as my Kickstarter order is still overdue.  I have spoken to the company on a few occasions now
          and have been given two different ship dates.  I am trying to be patient.  They have said they want to
          make up for the delay but that is the last I have heard from them.  I am trying to give them benefit of
          the doubt because the Kickstarter made them extremely busy.  I am going to reach out to them one
          more time for a firm ship date for my non-Kickstarter order, and if that passes with no goods
          delivered I am going to file a Paypal claim against them.

          Update:  The non-kickstarter order that I placed has finally arrived.  I am generally pleased with the  
                          pieces, the paint on the beds is rather lack luster.  It is thin and the base coat below is
                          visible.  I can only hope my Kickstarter order arrive soon so I am done with this company,
                          as they will not get any more of my business.

Dungeon Roll - A Dicey Dungeon Delve
         Backer Level:  Adventurer
         Ship date: August 2013
         Status:  On schedule, according to updates this project is moving along as planned.

Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination
         Backer Level:  Booked
         Ship date:  August 2013
         Status:  On schedule, various stages are occurring on time so I see no reason for this to be overdue.

MAJUS: A Magic Noir Pacesetter Game
         Backer Level:  PDF
         Ship Date:  August 2013
         Status:  On schedule, all seems to moving ahead according to plan on this one.  I am glad it funded, I
         am a fan of +Michael Curtis.

Precision Machined Metal Gaming Dice
         Backer Level:  Aluminum Master set plus as extra for two copper 16mm dice
         Ship date:  July 2013
         Status:  On schedule, just completed the final survey for my extras, everything seems to be on track.

         Backer level:  Dwarven Lord
         Ship date:  December 2013
         Status:  On schedule, all appears to be moving along smoothly so far.

Freeport: The City of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG
        Backer level:  Game Explorer
        Ship date:  August 2013
        Status:  Delivered, I am marking this as delivered as I am only waiting on the PDF FATE version.
        This arrived ahead of schedule and I have to admit I almost didn't back this project.  I didn't like the  
         price points.  I decided on the generic version once the project funded, and I am glad I got in on this.
         Freeport, has become the backdrop for my new campaign.

Cthulhu and Zombie Mugs and Cups Production Run!
         Backer level:  EARLY Zombie Ice Cream Cup or Beer Mug Special! with an add-on for a Cthulhu
         Challis (you can keep your krunk cups, cause there is nothing more baller than a Cthulhu Challis)
         Ship date:  June 2013
         Status:  On schedule, from all the updates this is on schedule, although I haven't gotten the secondary
         backerkit yet so I can add my Cthulhu mug for processing, that has me a little worried but not much.

Itar's Workshop - Dungeon Terrain and Accessories
        Backer level:  Ultimate Dungeon Set Unpainted, plus an extra for church set, and a tavern set
        Ship date:  October 2013
        Status:  On schedule, I am really excited for this one.  I did a great deal of paper-craft dungeon 
         construction earlier this year and loved it.  I passed on the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter for that 
         reason.  I just liked the price point on this one and decided to take the plunge.  I have my backer 
         kit survey and am going to be added to the order for some more small bits and oddities that 
         weren't part of my initial pledge.