Adventurer's Fitness Journey

I joined the new gym in my area three months ago.  I started going about a month and a half ago, but stopped for the last three weeks.  I am basically at square one of my fitness adventure.  As I said in the first post I am a zero level gongfarmer (plumber), and am looking to level up.  A bit of background in high school I was extremely fit (a wrestler), and as time went on I got lazy and fat (in that order).  Well now I am a 30 something and health is important.  I wrestled at 119 pounds, graduated high school at 130 pounds, and now am 220 pounds.  I would like to get down to 150-160, I am in okay shape other than tiring easily.  I work a labor/construction job so I am not completely unable to be active, I am just over weight, and not in good shape.

I signed up to run a Warrior Dash on August 3rd, and to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as well (click the link to St. Jude to help fund my effort if you are so inclined).  I figure at the this point I have 58 days left.  I need to get cracking.  I have made an appointment with a trainer, and started eating better.  I figure if I train regularly, and with a good program I should be able to complete the Warrior Dash.  Should I complete the challenge I will deem myself to have leveled up to first level.

So fellow adventurers what level are you?  Come on you know you have all made a character based on yourself somewhere in your gaming past.  Do you really have an 18/00 strength or an 18 dexterity/agility or are you more of 5 strength?

Adventurer Fitness Module 1

Adventurer Fitness Module 2