Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adventurer Fitness Module 1

Well here is a quick entry.  Wednesday of last week I went to drop a sports bra off to my fiance before she ran this 3.65 mile race that is put on by a local Athletic club. On a whim I decided what the hell I am going to try and do this.  I had little training but I new worst case scenario I could walk the distance.  Well I loaded up my Camelback (water, phone, money for a cab if I decided to cheat), and headed out to meet her.  Well I jogged and walked my way around the 3.65 mile course.  Well 52 minutes later, a lot of sweat, no tears, and some sore legs I finished.  I was second to last, and when I heard the cowbell ringing, and the crowd cheering I kicked up the pace and finished strong.

What did I take from this first real fitness challenge/encounter:  RUNNING SUCKS!!!!  That being said, I did it and I was happy to have completed it.  I will run one again as it is a summer racing series.  I have been hitting the gym regularly, after a few days off to let my legs heal.  My legs were so soar I wouldn't even let the cleric lay hands, their touch would hurt too much.