Thursday, June 13, 2013

Freeport DCC Ocupations and Trade Good Lists

I wanted to make custom occupation and trade good lists for my Freeport setting.  They reflect the new feel of the races, and as I add more races to the mix I will just amend the list.  As for trade goods well Freeport can be a cruel mistress.  I am going to be sending them off to +Jon Marr  at Purple Sorcerer Games to made into a Zero Level Generator.  Another great service provided to the DCC community, don't forget to support Jon Marr and Purple Sorcerer for all they do for the community.  

Occupation List:

Alchemist,Staff,Oil (1 flask)
Animal trainer,Club,Monkey
Armorer,Hammer (as club),Iron helmet
Barber,Razor (as dagger),Scissors
Beadle,Staff,Holy Symbol
Blacksmith,Hammer (as club),Steel tongs
Blacksmith,Hammer (as club),Steel ingot
Boatswain,Trowel (as dagger),Nails (1lb)
Boatswain,Dagger,Rope (50')
Boatswain,Mop (as staff),Bucket
Cabin boy,Dagger,Sailcloth (2 yard)
Chandler,Scissors (as dagger),Candles (20)
Chest-maker,Chisel (as dagger),Wood (10 lbs)
Cobbler,Awl (as dagger),Shoehorn
Confidence artist,Dagger,Quality cloak
Cooper,Crowbar (as club),Barrel
Cooper,Crowbar (as club),Barrel bands
Costermonger,Knife (as dagger),fruit
Cutpurse,Dagger,Small chest
Deckhand,Dagger,Bottle of rum
Deckhand,Dagger,Empty bottle
Deckhand,Dagger,Padded armor
Disgraced captain,Longsword,Gold ring worth 10 gp
Ditch digger,Shovel (as staff),Fine dirt (1 lb.)
Drunk,Mug (as club), Bottle of rum
Drunk,Mug (as club), Empty bottle
Drunk,Mug (as club), Bottle of wine
Dwarven bureaucrat,Cane (as club), sealing wax (1 lb)
Dwarven blacksmith,Hammer (as club),Mithril (1 oz.)
Dwarven engineer,Hammer (as club), 5’ ladder
Dwarven  moneylender,Handaxe,5 gp 10 sp 200 cp
Dwarven navigator,Crossbow, spyglass
Dwarven stonemason,Hammer (as club),Fine stone (10 lbs)
Dwarven stonemason,Hammer (as club),Chisel
Fish gutter, Knife (as dagger), 2 fish
Fish gutter, Knife (as dagger), 1 fish
Fish gutter, Knife (as dagger), 5 fish
Fish gutter, Knife (as dagger), 3 fish
Fish gutter, Knife (as dagger), 1 pearl (25gp)
Fish gutter, Knife (as dagger), 12 rusty hooks
Fish gutter, Knife (as dagger), fish guts (3lbs)
Fortune-teller,Dagger,Tarot deck
Gongfarmer,Trowel (as dagger),Sack of night soil
Grave digger,Shovel (as staff),Trowel
Guild beggar,Sling,Crutches
Guild beggar,Sling,Fake stump with hook
Guild beggar,Sling,Eye patch and fake peg leg
Halfling chicken butcher,Handaxe,Chicken meat (5 lbs.)
Halfling drug dealer,Short sword, Abyss dust (25gp value)
Halfling drug dealer,Short sword,Snakeweed (5sp value)
Halfling forger,Quil (as dart), Ink well and parchment
Halfling gypsy,Sling,Hex doll
Halfling loan shark,Short sword,5 gp 10 sp 200 cp
Halfling mariner,Knife (as dagger),Sailcloth (2 yards)
Halfling pickpocket,Knife (as dagger), 1sp
Halfling trader,Short sword,20 sp
Halfling vagrant,Club,Begging bowl
Healer,Club,Holy water (1 vial)
Herbalist,Club,Herbs (1 lb.)
Hunter,Shortbow,Goat horns
Indentured servant,Staff,Locket
Indentured servant,Staff,Groceries
Jester,Dart,Silk clothes
Jeweler,Dagger,Gem worth 20 gp
Locksmith,Dagger,Fine tools
Marine,Longsword,Hide armor
Mendicant,Club,Cheese dip
Merchant,Dagger,4 gp 14 sp 27 cp
Net mender,Knife (as dagger),Thread 50’
Orphan,Club,Rag doll
Orphan,Club,Old Letter
Outlaw,Short sword,Leather armor
Powder monkey,Short sword, Black Power (1lb)
Prostitute,Dagger,1 gp, 5sp
Quarter master,Long sword, Leather armor
Rigger,Knife (as dagger), Wooden dowel
Rigger,Knife (as dagger), Rope (100')
Ropemaker,Knife (as dagger),Rope (100’)
Scribe,Dart,Parchment (10 sheets)
Shipwright,Hammer (as club),Nails (1lb)
Shipwright,Hammer (as club),Saw
Shipwright,Hammer (as club),Planks 2 (1”x6”x8’)
Smuggler,Sling,Waterproof sack
Smuggler,Short sword, Forged letter of marque
Tax collector,Longsword,100 cp
Trapper,Sling,Badger pelt
Urchin,Stick (as club),Begging bowl
Urchin,Stick (as club),Crude map of Freeport
Urchin,Stick (as club),Begging sign
Urchin,Stick (as club),Bottle of rum
Wizard’s apprentice,Dagger,Black grimoire

Trade Goods List:

Accordion (2gp)
Dead Pellican coupon
Bottle of rum (1sp)
Bottle of Wine (3sp)
Chain 30’ (30gp)
Coal 3lbs. (3sp)
Eye patch (2cp)
Fishing rod (1sp)
Footlocker (5gp)
Gold necklace (25gp)
Grappling hook (1gp)
Holy Symbol (25gp)
Lantern (10gp)
Net 5’ (1gp)
Oil - 1 vial (1sp)
Pole 10’ (15cp)
Powder horn (5gp)
Perfume - 1 vial (1gp)
Rope 100’ (5sp)
Shipping News (5cp)
Squid- dead (3cp)
Three point hat (2gp)
Torch- each (1cp)
Waterproof sack (1gp)