Friday, June 7, 2013

Freeport revised

As I mentioned in my campaign reboot post, I am making some changes to the wide open setting of Freeport City of Adventure by Green Ronin Publishing. The author says throughout the book make the changes so Freeport fits your needs or setting.  So now I begin that task, combined with melding in some of the steampunk elements of Iron Kingdoms by Privateer Press, while using the Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG system by Goodman Games. No problem....what could go wrong.

First off goblins and orcs as occupants of the city, sorry not going to happen, not on my watch.  I really like that for the flavor of Freeport as written but for me personally I just don't like it in my game. Orcs and goblins are suppose to make your heart sink in your chest when you see them descending on your city, not be there as near slave labor for dangerous experiments.  They are possibly going to be replaced by Trolkin from the IK setting who inhabit the jungles on the island. It will be fun making them into a DCC class. 

Next no gnomes even though I plan to use other classes from CRAWL (published by +Dak Ultimak ).  

Next elves are not going to be a playable race, at least for the time being. In my setting they are going to be the kind of jerks you expect thousand year old beings to be. 

Halflings are more criminal then just curious in my setting. If one of them has a shiny bauble that belongs to you in their hands it isn't curiosity that made them steal it was greed. You may also now have a dagger in your back. The saying, "Trust a halfling? Ha maybe as far as I can throw one!" is commonly heard throughout my Freeport. 

The dwarves are generally the same but they also tend to have an engineering or bureaucratic feel to them as well. The dwarves run the mines on the north end of the island, and are starting to usher in the steam age, with the formation of the Dwarven League. 

These are most of the major changes I have planned so far.